Working in Partnership

Indigenous-led, Partnership Driven

The Partnership is led by indigenous communities and organisations and is open to different development actors and stakeholders provided they will commit to abide by the Partnership Principles and can make direct and concrete contributions in achieving the objectives and targets of the Partnership. As an open Partnership platform, those wishing to be part of this Partnership shall formally complete a Partnership form which will indicate their commitment to abide by the partnership principles and their concrete contribution that can be reported and verified on a regular basis. Partners may include, but are not limited to:

  • Indigenous communities and representative institutions
  • Indigenous Peoples' Organisations
  • Organisations and institutions working on indigenous peoples’ and human rights
  • UN Agencies, multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies
  • National and local governments
  • Philanthropic institutions, foundations and funding agencies
  • Research institutions
  • Human rights organisations and institutions  
  • Advocate NGOs including those working on business and human rights, service NGOs, environment organisations, experts on renewable energy technologies
  • Social entrepreneur organisations and networks
  • Private sector/renewable energy companies
  • Indigenous-led and other media

Partnership Principles

The Partnership and all participating partners must adhere to the following principles and values:

  • Respect and uphold human rights, including uphold the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the collective rights of indigenous peoples and the right of indigenous people to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC).
  • Equitable benefit sharing and the promotion of equity. This includes a focus on actions that support the poor and not only wealthier community members who are better placed to participate and benefit from actions. Activities supported by the Partnership shouldn’t create wealth and power gaps in the community and ensure that those further left behind are clearly targeted to include indigenous persons with disabilities, the elderly, and young people, among others
  • Full inclusion and empowerment of indigenous women. This is a core objective of the Partnership and activities must have a strong gender focus to ensure the perspectives, concerns and aspirations of indigenous women are accounted for and they become key actors and beneficiaries.
  • Respect and promotion of self-determined sustainable development. Activities will be focused on ensuring broad gains in self-determined sustainable development and livelihood that is culturally sensitive. This includes the holistic approach of indigenous peoples in addressing poverty, food insecurity and the overall wellbeing of indigenous peoples in the achievement of inter-related goals for sustainable development.  
  • Full participation and empowerment of indigenous communities. The Partnership will prioritise participatory approaches with a focus on community-led and -centred renewable energy and ensure that the poorest and most marginalized members of the community are included, such as persons with disabilities, elderly and young people, among others.
  • Uphold indigenous leadership of the Partnership as a critical principle. By putting the target beneficiaries in the centre of designing and leading in solutions, there is a much higher chance of the Partnership being effective in reaching its goals. Furthermore, the traditional knowledge and innovation of indigenous peoples on the ground must be recognised and promoted in the implementation of SDG 7 and the Paris Agreement.
  • Transparency, accountability and mutual respect must be the cornerstone of a partnership between indigenous peoples and other stakeholders to ensure that the Partnership can engender trust and positive, generative working relationships between different stakeholders. Additionally, indigenous stakeholders must uphold principles of transparency and accountability to build trust in the Partnership’s activities.