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Renewable Energy and Indigenous Peoples: Background Paper to the Right Energy Partnership with Indigenous Peoples

This background paper provides an overview of some of the critical issues facing indigenous peoples around renewable energy. This includes an overview of the negative impacts of renewable energy on indigenous communities and the potential of indigenous-led renewable energy to lead the way. It includes case studies from indigenous communities across the world illustrating these aspects. An overview of the Right Energy Partnership with Indigenous peoples and how it responds to these challenges and opportunities is also provided. Publish date: May 2018. You can download the report here

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Doing It Right! Sustainable Energy and Indigenous Peoples

A briefing paper that examines the interconnection between sustainable energy, indigenous peoples and international human rights law. The brief presents key human rights tools that can be used to safeguard indigenous peoples' rights related to energy developments and presents examples best practice. The brief was developed by the Indigenous Peoples Major Group with contributions from the Danish Institute for Human Rights. Publish date: February 2018. You can download the brief here