What We Do

The Partnership focuses on the following areas.

Ensuring the protection of rights to prevent the adverse impacts renewable energy development on indigenous communities.

Indigenous peoples should have their rights systematically upheld through energy planning and development processes, with big utilities, governments and private companies side-lining their human rights. Some renewable energy projects have negative impacts on communities and are not being implemented in a manner that respects their rights to their lands and resources and to their free, prior and informed consent (FPIC).

Empowering indigenous communities in their self-determined sustainable development, specifically with regards to access to appropriate renewable energy to deliver equitable benefits.

Millions of indigenous peoples do not have basic access to energy and there is a lack of capacity and knowledge in many communities to make an informed choice on what energy solutions can bring the most benefits and least harm to support their self-determined development. Additionally, indigenous-led innovative and powerful energy solutions are not well recorded, recognised and promoted. 


Strengthening knowledge exchange, solidarity and collaboration between indigenous peoples and other actors to contribute towards the goals of the Partnership.

Documenting and sharing knowledge and best practice between indigenous and non-indigenous partners can amplify the outputs of the Partnership.